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Rickshaw Art in Dhaka

3 Aug

Images Courtesy: Google Images and all photographers who had taken these candid shots.


Have you seen the GHOST!!

1 Aug

In the year of 2004, I met director of this company in SoftExpo 2004 in Dhaka and there was a delegation from Denmark comprises of managers and decision makers from this country visiting Dhaka for outsourcing opportunities. I had a very successful discussion with them during this period.
I was actually representing my previous organization for some projects on industrial level graphic design and 3D visualization services. As a 3D lover, I really liked and value their works. Ghost is undoubtedly the best 3D production and post production company in scandanavia region and Ghost consists of a team of professional and creative people with many years of experience in the production of 3D Graphics and Vfx, for feature films as well as TV and advertising.

See what they have spoken about themselves-
“Since the humble beginnings in a caravan in 1999, Ghost has strived to make 3D Graphics and Visual Effects of the highest quality.Today, we have moved on from borrowed desks and a leaky tent.We now reside in an office consisting of 5000 square feet over two floors, with 2 suites and a frightening amount of computer hardware, without a caravan in sight.”

Here, I would like to copy and paste a small textual content from their one of the best productions for Nokia mobile which was advertised thru media worldwide. You have also seen this, if you are a TV-freaker. I have taken the following texts and above images from their site Cheers for them !

Grey Copenhagen won the bid to create an advert for the global launch of Nokia’s new phone, the 3220 and they in turn hired Ghost to make the film in 3D. The Nokia 3220 has a host of different accessories you can clip on to personalize it, most notably a backplate that enables the user to write light-messages in the air.The advert illustrates the countless ways the phone can be customized and hundreds of phones are shown on the screen, while they assemble, detach and move in complicated patterns.The first step was an animatic made with low-rez geometry, which was repeatably tweaked and adjusted. This happened in close collaboration with the agency and the director, until the sequence was finalized. At the same time, CAD-models from Nokia were adapted and optimised for use in Maya.The deadline on the project was very tight considering the level of ambition: 12 different versions of the film had to be ready in 4 weeks.In order to handle the vast number of polygons and minimize the number of re-renders and render-layers, we decided to render out the whole film in Renderman.The film was delivered in 2K and broadcast globally.