Barbarism in Faroe Islands!

3 Mar

While it may seem incredible, even today this custom continues, in Dantesque – in the Faroe Islands. A country supposedly ‘civilized’ and an european country at that. For many people this attack to life is unknown– a custom to ‘show’ entering adulthood. It is absolutely atrocious. No one does anything to prevent this barbarism being committed against the Calderon, an intelligent dolphin that is placid and approaches humans out of friendliness. I request to International Organisations and Danish Government to stop this massacre!Last year, we were thinking to travel to Faroe Islands, I have heard, nature at its best there in these islands. But, I never knew this! This should be stopped immediately.


One Response to “Barbarism in Faroe Islands!”

  1. kaninusferoingus September 4, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    If you would tried to get the right information about this, you would have found out it is a specie of whale, not a dolphin, it is actually called “long-finned pilot whale”. Even Orca (the killer whale) is part of the dolphin family, but I don’t suppose you call it a dolphin or I’m mistaken?!

    And I found it somehow hypocritical, as long people eat meat of any kind, hunting whales only for food purpose (let me be very clear, they are hunt only for meat, not because it is a tradition, not because teenagers have to become men, not because it is funny or there is any kind of festival / custom which requires that and, the most important, ther are not comercialized and no one let them rotten on the beaches ) is not worse than killing any kind of other animal, raised in terrible conditons and sacrified for the daily consumption of human kind. Yes, there is a difference. Your meat materialise out of the blue in your supermarkets, the one eaten by the Faroese comes from the sea. In the end, the Faroese do not have the luxury of cutting the animals behind the walls of the slaughteries.

    Also for your information, because obviously you don’t have a clue about these charming islands, the Danish Governement has absolutely no power here, the islands are self governated and depend only territorial by Danemark. IWC (International Whaling Comitee) does not mix either because these whale are not endangered or protected. Besides, a few hundreads hunted per year do not threaten the natural balance. The whales will end killed by the pollution, pollution which is the doing of exactly those countries that yell so much against Faroe Islands.

    I am sorry that a simple hunt put you off, but if you give up visiting this little paradise just because of that, I must just conclude: it is your own loss.

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