BDR Mutiny in Bangladesh

5 Mar

Last month, there was a mutiny of some soldiers from border security guards of Bangladesh. This happened very much within the heart of Dhaka, a few kilometers from home of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Ironically, his daughter, Sheikh Hasina Wazed is presently prime minister of Bangladesh. Recently, through a major and popular victory in recent general elections in Bangladesh, Awami League has emerged as a front runner political party in terms of ruling the governance of Bangladesh.

I still remember a very popular hangout place in Dhanmondi which is known as Rifles Square, its a shopping mall, well maintained, well managed place, and adjacent to this is Bangladesh Rifles Head Quarters.  This so called ‘mutiny’ happened very much here. I still remember every approaching roads, shopping and food joints around this very place.  A place for popular weekends hangouts for youth.

These pictures I have copied from different websites of press and media agencies, personal blogs, other sources. All credit regarding photographs go to them.

A report from Xinhua, China

Thousands of BDR soldiers staged revolted against their army officers on Wednesday leaving 64 army officers dead and 71 still missing. The revolt came to an end after a series of negotiations between the mutinous soldiers and highly placed government officials. Gunfights broke out inside the BDR headquarters in Dhaka Wednesday morning as BDR troopers mutinied to protest poor wages and frequent transfers.

A report from Sindh Today

At least 500 trucks ferrying goods to Bangladesh, were stranded at the India-Bangladesh border in West Bengal’s Petrapole Friday as exporters feared a loss of Rs.2 billion ($38.83 million) following the mutiny by Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) troopers.

A report from merinews

BANGLADESH’S BORDER security force, Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) mutinied in capital Dhaka on Wednesday (February 25) morning asking for better pay and facilities. The soldiers of BDR shouted slogans against the government and are reported to have taken Major General Shakil Ahmed as hostage.

The mutiny by BDR men triggered several gun battles in the capital city leading to a number of casualties. Several officers have also been killed at BDR headquarters located in Dhaka’s Pilkhana area.

Local police said that firing was heard from the BDR complex in the morning and the gunfight is still going on. The government has called in the army to control the situation after the fighting broke out during an official meeting.

Streets in Dhaka witnessed panic with no one knowing what was going on in the rebel headquarter. While the rebels are firing indiscriminately, the army has pressed in helicopters to take stock of the situation and bring it under control. Resentment has been brewing in the ranks of Bangladesh Rifles since last two years after the government did no listen to their repeated demands. Along with manning the borders, BDR has been asked to do a number of tasks but given no reward for the same, said an official on the condition of anonymity. Bangladesh Prime Minister, meanwhile, has said that their grievances will be looked into and demands met.

Last four pictures in the gallery were the rebels, who did crime against humanity, country and committed nothing but a genocide. A part of South Asia political analysts are also seeing shadow of external forces behind this incident.


One Response to “BDR Mutiny in Bangladesh”

  1. Aminul Islam Sajib March 6, 2009 at 7:04 am #

    I claim exemplary punishment of the involved persons and the planners of this bloody incident.

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